Sampson County Soccer ..general information

Sampson County Soccer Club has partner with Clinton City Recreation and Parks Dept. and the Sampson County Parks & Recreation Dept to run the Clinton/ Sampson Recreation soccer program. 
Soccer play follows NCYSA guidelines.
Fees:  …

  1. Recreation soccer: most likely paid for Clinton City residents by the City of Clinton.  No tryouts required.  All kids 12 years old and under are welcome to participate.
  2. Challenge/Classic soccer: $150 (tryout required see below)

Age brackets:  based on age a child becomes between August 1 of the current year and July 31 of the following year.
Separate girls and boys division (if numbers permit).

Sampson County Soccer Club (SCS –
With enormous help of Judi Nicholson from Clinton Parks and Recreation and Raymond Spell from Sampson County Parks and Recreation, SCS is a newly formed non-profit organization under the governance of North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA).  From 2000-2009 various parents have volunteered to coach travel soccer teams.  These teams have gone to Fayetteville, Jacksonville, or other towns to play.  To be allowed to play in upper level leagues, these kids have had to be certified as players through NCYSA.  NCYSA is the umbrella organization that oversees all soccer across the state (similar to Dixie Youth Baseball, USS swimming, AAU basketball).  To have a child be NCYSA certified, the child has to be a member of a soccer association or club.  The closest soccer clubs are Fayetteville and the Jacksonville area.  This is why these travel teams have had to leave town to play.  With SCS teams will now be able to play half of their games in Clinton which will generate revenue to help support our local economy.

Unfortunately there are costs to this program.  The fees we pay are for referees, insurance, and administrative costs to NCYSA.  There are no paid positions for SCS.  We are chronically in need of more volunteers.

The benefits of being a part of NCYSA include insurance coverage, multiple levels of play, tournament eligibility, certified referees.SCS Officers: President: Jeff Smith; VP:  Joel Coleman; Secretary:  tammy Reagan; Treasurer:  Jan Faison

SCS Board: Gib Palmer,Kristi Williford, Randy Baregoot, Jennifer Thompson, Raymond Spell, Brad Spell, Tim Sumner,Oscar Rodriguz,Troy Fardy

Recreation Soccer: Starting this summer registration and team assignments begin based on the dates above.  If you are currently coaching, we will desperately need you to coach again.  There will be a separate girls and boys division.  If numbers allow, there will not be co-ed teams.  The size of the teams will be determined based on number of participants and the number of coaches.  Games will be on Saturdays.  Weekday games will only be held to make up games if a Saturday is rained out.  The deadlines will be strictly enforced.

The new fee every fall and spring is to cover insurance and NCYSA administrative fees.  Every player will receive a NCYSA player card certifying them as a recreation soccer player.  Clinton Parks and Recreation with the City of Clinton will continue to generously pay for field maintenance and equipment.  This will defray the fee significantly.  (Fayetteville Soccer Club charge $85 per player per season.)

At the end of each recreation season there may be tryouts for an recreation tournament team for the age groups where there is a coach available to participate in tournaments.  The tournament fees are generally $15-$40 per player per tournament.

Participation in the annual summer British Soccer camp can vastly improve your child’s soccer skills at a significantly lower cost than a camp out of town.  Taught by skilled players from England, this camp has been a popular event each summer.  You can register on-line at or complete the application available at the soccer concession stand or through our website under the camps tab.

Challenge and Classic Soccer: Challenge and Classic Soccer: NCYSA requires tryouts for these teams every year.  Tryouts for the fall season for the following age groups will start the first week of May at Royal Lane soccer fields.  These teams play in ECSA (East Carolina Soccer Association) counties along the northeastern seaboard of N.C. The minimum age to participate is 8 years of age (Players must be born before 7/31/2003. 

It is at these higher level tournaments where college and pro scouts come to assess player skills.

Any coach who wishes to run a Challenge or Classic team should contact Raymond Spell, Director of Coaching, and tryouts will be held for that gender and age bracket in May.

If your child makes the team, depending on your coach you can expect 1-5 practices a week, 9-10 games per season (fall/spring), plus 2-5 tournaments a year.

Players who don’t make the team may be invited to participate on these teams as a practice member who can move up should another player be injured, did not pay their fee, or is removed from the team.

There are substantial fees and more importantly parental commitment for these elite level soccer teams.

Typical Fees:
$160 registration fee (Per player:  $40 referees, $25 NCYSA fee, $50 insurance,  $15 SCS administration fee, $30 equipment fee)
$90 uniforms (to use over 2-4 years based on player’s physical growth)
$25-50 per player fee per tournament throughout the year (usually 2-6 tournaments)
This does not include travel, food, lodging costs at tournaments and away games.

Fee deadline:  May 25th.  If fee is not pay, next player on the wait list or practice team will be offered the position instead.